Kali is an application to launch DAO smart contracts and form companies. It allows founders, funds and communities to tokenize membership, build on-chain governance, and truly enforce their commitments with code. It is end-to-end, so users don't need to know anything about coding, contracts, deployment, or run their own servers or nodes to manage proposals and voting. The Kali codebase is inspired by the Compoundopen in new window and Molochopen in new window frameworks, prioritizing lean, reasonably optimized contracts. The application fills in legal gaps, as well, by allowing users to draft and wrap their DAOs and token launches with battle-tested legal agreements, such as LLC structures for investment clubs and companies.


V1 includes the following features:

  • tokenized votes as ERC-20 assets, which can be transferable or non-transferable
  • delegateable votes to representatives
  • customizable governance settings, such as voting periods and approval thresholds
  • quorum, supermajority threshold settings, which can be assigned to proposal types
  • gas-less metaTX support for voting and token transfers
  • extension support, including fundraising by token sale or 'tribute', whitelisting, and 'ragequit'
  • treasury support, including ETH, ERC-20, NFT and ERC-1155

More extensive discussion of the Kali DAO contracts can be found in the repoopen in new window.

Kali was incubated by LexDAOopen in new window and Seed Clubopen in new window to solve the legal pain points of web3 founders and funds.

It includes a legal drafting tool for LLC, Investment Club and UNA governing docs, and Kali users can instantly deploy an LLC by minting an NFT under the master operating agreement of KaliCo Ricardian LLCopen in new window, a Delaware Series LLC. For more information on this formation system, review the sister LexDAO research project, Ricardian LLCopen in new window.

For formation assistance for standalone LLCs and questions on DAO legal setup and compliance, Kali integrates with the LexDAO community of lawyers and engineersopen in new window.

KaliCo Ricardian LLC


DAO Deployments

A running list of contracts deployed on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon and Rinkeby (testnet) are catalogued hereopen in new window. The verified KaliDAO factory contracts are:


An audit on the core Kali contracts was conducted by BlockApex and can be reviewed hereopen in new window. Unit tests in JS for the core contracts, including extensions, can be run hereopen in new window.